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Predicting the Economic Impact of Changes to Population Health

So much of health care policy is decided by the science of the educated guess, with “what-if” forecasts at the heart of any analysis. (more…)

How do Student Researchers Become Experts in Health Care Data Analysis at USC? They go to the Data Core

In the field of health care, some research can only be performed by getting into the depths of databases. So when a question of medicine or administration is asked, an expert must plunge into the numbers – and many of those valued (more…)

The Schaeffer Center’s Data Core Bring a Wealth of Experience, Expertise

At the heart of the Schaeffer Center’s Data Core are a group of five research programmers who support faculty, contribute to research projects, and help students get up to speed on research programming.

Patricia St. Clair, Data Core Director, started the current research programming group when she joined (more…)

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