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Understanding Fatigue Patterns in Breast Cancer Patients

Fatigue is a major symptom in cancer and it is particularly pronounced during treatment. To date, the proper management of cancer-related fatigue remains challenging for patients and healthcare providers and we know very little (more…)

When is the Cost of Care Worth it?

New medical technologies to treat chronic disease are typically accompanied by increases in both health care costs and health outcomes: while treatment costs have continuously increased over the years, the value of those treatments have not always shown the same growth in measured benefits. This disconnect influences (more…)

Five Myths About Cancer Care in America

One of the most pervasive and misguided myths about cancer is that the ‘war on cancer’ has been a failure. With provocative news headlines about cancer often popping up, it is understandable that there is public uncertainty about progress in its treatment and patient care. (more…)

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