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Hooked in Hospitals: Many Medicare Patients Received First Painkillers There

Understanding the context of opioid providing, provider patterns, and patient behavior is the first step to developing policies that will adequately halt this pressing public health crisis. Two studies co-written by Schaeffer Center researchers analyze this context within the Medicare population. (more…)

Predicting the Economic Impact of Changes to Population Health

So much of health care policy is decided by the science of the educated guess, with “what-if” forecasts at the heart of any analysis. (more…)

Didn’t you Hear? The Understanding America Study is Here.

With Election Day 2015 just past, it’s less than year to go before America picks a new president – and that means polls, polls and more polls. (more…)

How do Student Researchers Become Experts in Health Care Data Analysis at USC? They go to the Data Core

In the field of health care, some research can only be performed by getting into the depths of databases. So when a question of medicine or administration is asked, an expert must plunge into the numbers – and many of those valued (more…)

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