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Joan E. Broderick, Ph.D., is a Senior Behavioral Scientist and Associate Director, Center for Self-Report Science in the Center for Economic & Social Research, and Senior Fellow at the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at the University of Southern California. For more about Joan, click here.


Pain Relief Without Pills

CESR researcher Joan Broderick Trains Health Care Providers on a Successful, Non-Pharma Approach for Patients to Manage Their Chronic Pain that may help stem American’s opioid crisis.


Move Beyond Drugs to Manage Pain

The government should prioritize integrative care to curb reliance on opioids. (more…)

Encouraging Integrative, Non-Opioid Approaches To Pain: A Policy Agenda

National initiatives are underway to dramatically reduce access to prescription opioids, but these efforts lack a systematic approach to provide alternative treatments for these patients. Jason Doctor and his colleagues outline three feasible policy initiatives.  (more…)

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