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Dr. Doctor is an Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy and the Director of Health Informatics at the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at the University of Southern California. More information about Jason can be found here.


Measuring Value in Clinical Trials: Patient Preference Doesn’t Equal Average Survival

Though clinical trials most often rely on average survival rates as measures of value, these are not synonymous indicators. New research by the Schaeffer Center finds additional factors may weigh in patient’s treatment choice.  (more…)

Tackling the Opioid Crisis with Compassion, New Ways to Reduce Use and Treatment

We discuss how we arrived at the current opioid crisis, policies that have been tried thus far, and options to address the crisis moving forward. (more…)

Making Better Antibiotic Prescribing Decisions

More effective solutions to curb antibiotic prescribing should take into account that doctors are human beings and subject to the same biases in decision-making as the rest of us. Jason Doctor discusses a few nudges that work. (more…)

Ending Suffering by Ending Persons

The standard reasoning supporting physician-assisted suicide begins with a patient that is near death and is in, or expects to soon be in, a health state worse-than-death. The patient, acting in her own self-interest, wishes to die to get (more…)

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