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Erin Trish is an Assistant Research Professor at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. More information about Erin can be found here.


To Promote Stability in Health Insurance Exchanges, End the Uncertainty Around Cost-Sharing and Other Rules

While it is unclear whether the changes included in the CMS rule will have a small positive or negative impact on market stability, it is clear that the impact pales in comparison to the instability caused by the lack of commitment to fund the ACA’s cost-sharing reduction subsidies or to enforce the individual mandate. (more…)

Why Risk Adjustment is a Crucial Component of Individual Market Reform

In order to mitigate incentives for insurance companies to avoid sicker patients, policymakers will need to include a risk adjustment program in any replacement reforms that require insurers to issue insurance to any applicant and set limits on adjusting premiums to fully reflect an enrollee’s health status. (more…)

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