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Darius Lakdawalla is the Quintiles Chair in Pharmaceutical Development and Regulatory Innovation at the School of Pharmacy, as well as a Professor in the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California (USC). More information about Darius can be found here.


Value-Based Pricing For Pharmaceuticals In The Trump Administration

The change in administration is an opportune moment for CMS to assume a leadership role with respect to value-based pricing.  (more…)

When is the Cost of Care Worth it?

New medical technologies to treat chronic disease are typically accompanied by increases in both health care costs and health outcomes: while treatment costs have continuously increased over the years, the value of those treatments have not always shown the same growth in measured benefits. This disconnect influences (more…)

Why America Needs a ‘Do-Over’ on Medicaid Reform

Republicans and Democrats should aim toward securing the health of the most vulnerable American children and families. (more…)

How Republicans and Democrats can Both Keep their Promises on Health Care

Read our four-step market-based proposal that is consistent with many of the president’s remarks on health care and, importantly, with many core Democratic principles on health care too. (more…)

Do You Know What The Affordable Care Act Does? Here’s A Primer To Help

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare,” has generated controversy from its inception. Republicans vow to repeal it. Democrats vow to defend it. Yet, unfortunately, many ordinary Americans seem not to know what it does or why some people want to reform it. (more…)

Why Academics Consulting with Industry on Health Care May be an Idea Whose Time has Come

At a time of deep political division, an academic approach to policy making has never been more important. (more…)

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