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About The Evidence Base

Dana Goldman (Director, Schaeffer Center) and Arie Kapteyn (Director, CESR) met while they were at RAND; Dana led the Bing Center for Health Economics and Arie led the Labor and Population program. Collaboration came naturally because of their personalities, but it was successful because of the significant overlap in the methods and substance of their fields.

Eventually, Dana came to USC as the founding director of the Schaeffer Center, and Arie came over soon after to start CESR. Over the past 15 years they have written numerous proposals together, successfully received funding together, and have shared researchers and data resources. In the end, the collaborative achievements between the Schaeffer Center and CESR are not just a byproduct of mutual trust, but a testament to the benefits that both fields derive from cooperation.

This blog is the latest product of synergies between the groups, who are always working to improve policy and well-being in the US and abroad. This interface may be new, but our foundations are strong and our ambitions are high. Thanks for reading!

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