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Don’t Be Fooled by Claims About the ACA Impact on Insurance Premiums

A recent New York Times headline reported that health plan costs for New Yorkers will fall 50%. They were taking the bait from Governor Cuomo’s office, who crowed about “real competition that helps drive down health insurance costs.” (more…)

What Health Care Can Learn from Netflix

Watching Arrested Development with my kids, my mind started to wander after the eighth episode or so. How can Netflix let us gorge ourselves on so much television and – if it makes business sense – are there any lessons for the health care industry? The surprising answer turns out be yes, and it has to do with drugs. (more…)

Don’t Blame the Medical Innovators

Health economists are fond of saying that medical technology is to blame for rising health care costs. Some – including me – have also pointed out that about 30% of health care spending is wasteful. (more…)

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