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Étienne Gaudette, Ph.D is a Research Assistant Professor with the USC School of Pharmacy and the Policy Director of the USC Roybal Center for Health Policy Simulation. Dr. Gaudette graduated with a Ph.D in economics from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in 2013. More information about Étienne can be found here.


Predicting the Economic Impact of Changes to Population Health

So much of health care policy is decided by the science of the educated guess, with “what-if” forecasts at the heart of any analysis. (more…)

The Baby Boomers Will Shift the Health Status of the Medicare Population

A Typical Medicare Recipient in 2030

A new study by Schaeffer Center researchers Etienne Gaudette, Bryan Tysinger, and Dana Goldman predicts significant changes in the average future Medicare recipient. (more…)

Medicare’s Big Fat Problem, Fiscal and Otherwise

Co-Authors: Dana Goldman, Bryan Tysinger, and Alwyn Cassil

You can’t draw a straight line between growing Medicare spending and expanding American waistlines. But policymakers would be wise to keep both in mind as they ponder how to pay for the health care of 75-million-plus baby boomers who likely will live longer in worse health thanks to rising rates of chronic conditions, (more…)

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