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Ashlesha Datar is a Senior Economist and Director of the Program on Children and Families at the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research at the University of Southern California.

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The More the Heavier? Family Size and Childhood Obesity in the US

Are siblings good for you? This blog post presents findings from a study showing that having more siblings is associated with lower BMI and decreased likelihood of obesity.


A New Look at an Old Question: Does Where You Live Influence Your Body Weight?

Does where you live influence your weight? A panel study of Military Teenagers (MTEENS) finds that what parents have available at home may make a bigger impact. (more…)

Reports of a slowdown in childhood obesity don’t tell the whole story

Big data tell many of today’s stories in research news, but our recent study underscores the need for caution when reporting the rate of childhood obesity. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health survey last year showed that the overall rate of childhood obesity plateaued, but a more granular set of (more…)

To Delay (School Entry) or Not to Delay; That is the Question.

Every fall, parents of prospective Kindergarten entrants, especially those whose children have birthdays close to the Kindergarten entry cutoff date, or have boys (who are typically perceived to mature slower than girls), struggle with the decision about whether to hold their child back for another year or let them start school as soon as they become eligible. (more…)

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