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Using Gifts and Goals to Help Kids Make Healthy Food Choices

A study seeks ways to nudge kids and schools into healthier behaviors.


Why college reputation matters so much to students and employers

If you want to work for one of Wall Street’s leading investment banks, law offices or consulting firms you’d better graduate from a prestigious college like (more…)

How much do Americans know about Social Security?

A growing body of research has shown that low levels of financial literacy are likely to adversely affect individuals’ ability to plan, save and invest successfully for the long-term.  (more…)

How do student researchers become experts in health care data analysis at USC? They go to the Data Core

In the field of health care, some research can only be performed by getting into the depths of databases. So when a question of medicine or administration is asked, an expert must plunge into the numbers – and many of those valued (more…)

Long Term Educational Consequences of Alternative Conditional Cash Transfer Designs: Experimental Evidence from Colombia

Conditional cash transfers (CCT) are increasingly prevalent social assistance programs in low and middle-income countries, benefiting over 110 million (more…)

Students Engage in Health Policy Research for Schaeffer Center’s Summer Internship Program

The Schaeffer Center’s 2nd Annual Summer Internship Program draws to a close as the nine student interns, working with faculty mentors, presented the findings of their independent research projects. Student research ranged from an (more…)

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