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Can Asking About People’s Social Circles Inform Election Predictions?

Asking people about how their social circles will vote, as in the 2016 USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Poll, might help to predict people’s voting behavior.


The Association between Personality Traits and Voting Intentions in the 2016 Presidential Election

Analysis of survey data shows that personality has a strong, significant association with voting intentions, even when controlling for factors such as age, race, gender, socio-economic status and prior voting behavior. (more…)

Financial Education Interventions Targeting Immigrants and Children of Immigrants

Immigrants and their children in the US who receive financial education targeted at their specific needs demonstrably improve their financial literacy, but these gains in knowledge do not persist for long. (more…)

Making Better Antibiotic Prescribing Decisions

More effective solutions to curb antibiotic prescribing should take into account that doctors are human beings and subject to the same biases in decision-making as the rest of us. Jason Doctor discusses a few nudges that work. (more…)

Using Gifts and Goals to Help Kids Make Healthy Food Choices

A study seeks ways to nudge kids and schools into healthier behaviors.


Poverty and Decision-Making

A new paper explores which circumstances lead to bad financial decisions.


How Americans Manage their Finances

The Center for Economic and Social Research at the University of Southern California is conducting research supported by the Society of Actuaries and the Social Security Administration on Americans’ financial decision-making. (more…)

Does Consumer Spending React to Changes in Housing Wealth?

According to the Census, the current rate of home ownership in the United States is nearly 65%. Not only is the home a widely held asset, but it also represents the largest asset category in household balance sheets (more…)

Didn’t you Hear? The Understanding America Study is Here.

With Election Day 2015 just past, it’s less than year to go before America picks a new president – and that means polls, polls and more polls. (more…)

Gearing up for the ‘Giving Season’: Why do People Give?

Charitable giving is increasing in economic importance in the developed world. In the United States, more than $300 billion – over 2 percent of US GDP – is contributed to philanthropic organizations each year. (more…)

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