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Measuring Value in Clinical Trials: Patient Preference Doesn’t Equal Average Survival

Though clinical trials most often rely on average survival rates as measures of value, these are not synonymous indicators. New research by the Schaeffer Center finds additional factors may weigh in patient’s treatment choice.  (more…)

Move Beyond Drugs to Manage Pain

The government should prioritize integrative care to curb reliance on opioids. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Surprise Medical Bills

It’s the last thing you want to worry about during a trip to emergency room. Yet, millions of Americans have to deal with surprise medical bills. Paul Ginsburg and his colleagues at Brookings offer solutions for how to eliminate them.

Encouraging Integrative, Non-Opioid Approaches To Pain: A Policy Agenda

National initiatives are underway to dramatically reduce access to prescription opioids, but these efforts lack a systematic approach to provide alternative treatments for these patients. Jason Doctor and his colleagues outline three feasible policy initiatives.  (more…)

Hooked in Hospitals: Many Medicare Patients Received First Painkillers There

Understanding the context of opioid providing, provider patterns, and patient behavior is the first step to developing policies that will adequately halt this pressing public health crisis. Two studies co-written by Schaeffer Center researchers analyze this context within the Medicare population. (more…)

Can Shopping Around for Prescriptions Save Money?

Research conducted by USC Price MPP students found huge variation in prescription drug prices when shopping around at pharmacies in the LA area.  Based on their experience, they recommend four strategies consumers should use to get the lowest price. (more…)

What will happen when PCPs are paid like Quarterbacks?

As payment models move towards non-fee-for-service systems, primary care providers will increasingly be positioned as the quarterbacks for the healthcare team. Guest contributors Bob Kocher and Anuraag Chigurupati discuss what this change means for specialists, hospitals, and health systems. (more…)

Making Better Antibiotic Prescribing Decisions

More effective solutions to curb antibiotic prescribing should take into account that doctors are human beings and subject to the same biases in decision-making as the rest of us. Jason Doctor discusses a few nudges that work. (more…)

CMMI’s New Comprehensive Primary Care Plus: Its Promise And Missed Opportunities

CPC+ has some very promising components, but also misses some compelling opportunities to further advance payment for primary care services.  (more…)

Why do so Many Doctors Practice Defensive Medicine? Maybe Because it Works

Physicians with higher spending in a given year were substantially less likely to be sued for malpractice the following year.  (more…)

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