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Is Class-Based Discrimination an Obstacle to Equal Opportunity in the Labor Market?

Social class origin remains one of the most powerful determinants of success in today’s labor market.  New experimental research suggests that employers’ own class biases may be a part of the problem.


Gender Gap Persists Above Shattered Glass Ceiling

The gender pay gap not only continues after the corporate world’s glass ceiling has shattered, but evidence points to larger gender disparities at executive levels than at working-class jobs.  These findings underline the importance of transparency in the processes of setting corporate compensation. (more…)

Poverty and Decision-Making

A new paper explores which circumstances lead to bad financial decisions.


What Explains Socio-Economic Inequality in Health?

Money only explains part of the inequity.  This post explains a number of additional assumptions and new findings.


Protected: Are We All Snobs? How personal tastes affect our judgment of others.

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