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The Evidence Base on occasion publishes blog posts from guest contributors, that is, contributors who themselves are not directly part of the Center for Economic and Social Research or the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics. For convenience, these posts are grouped under a single guest contributor; where each post indicates the blog author(s) at the top.


Changes to State Innovation Waivers in the Senate Health Bill Undermine Coverage and Open the Door to Misuse of Federal Funds

Under current law, section 1332 provides broad flexibility for states to waive key ACA provisions so long as health coverage is not jeopardized and federal deficits not increased. The changes in the Senate bill would upset this structure. (more…)

CESR Conference on Polygenic Prediction and its Application in the Social Sciences

The Center for Economic and Social Research at USC hosted the largest conference ever convened on the use of genetic data in the social sciences. More than 90 researchers from a wide range of disciplines discussed how polygenic scores (measures constructed from genetic variants across the genome) help predict behavioral traits.


The Hollowing Out of US Democracy

In this post, Peter Levine summarizes the discussion during his recent brown bag at CESR on “The Hollowing Out of Democracy,” including concerns about Civic Deserts and the need for more organizations with SPUD (Scale, Pluralism, Unity, Depth).


Value-Based Pricing For Pharmaceuticals In The Trump Administration

The change in administration is an opportune moment for CMS to assume a leadership role with respect to value-based pricing.  (more…)

Q&A with USC School of Pharmacy PhD Candidate Sang Cho

Meet Sang Cho, a USC School of Pharmacy PhD candidate in Health Economics, who served as business analyst on a USC Viterbi School of Engineering team that won first place in USC’s Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition.   (more…)

How Should The Trump Administration Handle Medicare’s New Bundled Payment Programs?

There is room to modify the bundled payment models to address concerns raised by Secretary Price and others without damaging the integrity of the models. (more…)

Four Recommendations to Advance Medicare Delivery System Reform

MACRA assumes a wide range of attractive APM opportunities available to physicians, but the reality is that the opportunities are limited, especially for physicians in specialties outside of primary care. (more…)

Why Repealing the ACA Before Replacing it Won’t Work, and What Might

Republicans have offered up no shortage of ACA replacement plans, but many are still in outline form or lack critical details. This post outlines why repealing with out a replacement won’t work and what policies should be considered.  (more…)

How the Department of Labor Can Help End Surprise Medical Bills

The frequency of surprise balance billing is substantial and the financial consequences can be devastating. The Department of Labor can take concrete steps to begin mitigating the problem. (more…)

Can Asking About People’s Social Circles Inform Election Predictions?

Asking people about how their social circles will vote, as in the 2016 USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Poll, might help to predict people’s voting behavior.


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